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Why SES is GAY (if u didnt already know)

2007-11-29 00:06:44 by SeRAPhik

SES , is a FAGGOT and thinks me and BN are brothers. i finally understand his logic, u c nobody likes SES except for his family (if they even do ) and so when he c's me n BN mad tight n shit he thinks we have to be brothers in order 2 b kool because he doesnt have any friends and only his family showz him love . (but if they heard him rap they wud give him up to a foster home) ...

also , SES ur a shitty rapper, u have no lyrcal capabilities, and that punch line was ass and didnt even make sense cuz im not related 2 BN ,

if u dont believe me , check his lyrics , shit is terrible , i feel bad 4 caliber and phaded soldier 4 having 2 b on the same track as u, u wasted their talent ,



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2007-12-08 21:48:15

Young Rick Ross? That made me laugh.
I wonder If Ses is 600 pounds?